Little Girl Playing With Building Blocks

"Play is the child’s language and toys are the child’s words"

Landreth 1991

What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy helps children work through emotional, social and behavioural difficulties and helps address family problems. It uses the medium of play, rather than talk, to help the child learn to express themselves, explore and make sense of the world in which they live and resolve any difficult or painful experiences.

Who can Play Therapy help?

Yvonne’s core professional training includes:



Emotional or behavioural issues

Low Self Esteem

Communication difficulties

Delayed or uneven development

Learning difficulties

Relationship difficulties

Family Disruptions, e.g. illness or divorce


Bereavement or loss

Chronic illness/hospitalisation

Bonding and attachment issues

ADD, ADHD, Autism

Elective mutism

Poor Play Skills

How can Play Therapy help?

Play has been proven to be vital for every child’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical, creative and language development. Play Therapy uses a variety of approaches, interventions, media and activities appropriate to the individual child’s needs.

Play is the natural language of children and enables complex thoughts and feelings, ideas and perceptions to be brought into focus.

Children can work through traumatic or difficult life’s experiences. Through play they can make sense of their past and cope better with their future. Children may also learn to manage relationships and conflicts in more appropriate ways. It provides the child with emotional support while the child learns to understand more about their own thoughts and feelings.

Child dreaming about a new house or home

How we work

We work in a systemic and child-centred way – working with children within the context of their family, home, school and any other significant environment or system of which they are part. Parents and teachers are supported and encouraged to be active in this process so the skills learned by the child can be carried over into both home and school situations.

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