Counselling Services

Our Counselling Services

At times we can all feel stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, and anxious. When feelings like these last for a Counselling supportlong time or become difficult to manage, they can begin interfering with your well being, relationships and general enjoyment of life.

Our Adult Counselling & Psychotherapy Service helps address current problems, and painful issues from the past, to help you find greater understanding, new coping skills and better ways to manage in life.

Our Play Therapy service helps children work through emotional, social and behavioural difficulties and play therapy can helphelps address family problems. It uses the medium of play, rather than talk, to help the child learn to express themselves, explore and make sense of the world in which they live and resolve any difficult or painful experiences. We also provide Child Parent Relationship Training (CPRT) classes to parents of children under the age of 10.

Our Teen Counselling Service provides a safe place for teenagers to explore their often confusing thoughts, teenage therapyfeelings and emotions & to find better ways to cope. We work with both talking therapy and creative therapy for teens.

We have experience in helping people through counselling with a wide range of issues including:

Abuse, Anxiety, Bereavement, Child & Adolescent Counselling, Communication Problems, Conflict, Coping Difficulties, Couples Counselling, Crisis, Depression, Domestic Violence, Emotional Abuse, Employment Issues, Family Issues, General day to day issues, Grief & Loss, Health Related Issues, Marriage Issues, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, Parenting, Personal Development, Phobias, Physical Abuse, Play Therapy, Post Traumatic Stress, Post Natal Depression, Relationship Issues, Self confidence, Self Esteem, Separation/Divorce, Sexual Abuse, Stress, Trauma, Violence, Work Related Issues.


We are based in the beautiful village of Greystones in Co. Wicklow, where we are easily accessible from Wicklow and Dublin.


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